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November 6, 2017

The Invertabelt Review: What is The Invertabelt & Why We Love It!

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If you’ve got back pain and are looking for a permanent solution, Do Not Overlook the Invertabelt.

I almost did and what a mistake that would have been.

After scouring Amazon for some helpful home-based back pain solutions, I found two products I decided to order.

The first product was from Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner called Lo-Bak TRAX – shown below (Not impressed and sent it back to Amazon).

The other product I took a shot on is called The Invertabelt…

Here’s what The Invertabelt looks like stretched out.
And here’s The Invertabelt in Action!

Boy I ‘m glad I went with it.

The Invertabelt looks pretty simple in design, but the effectiveness to decrease and eliminate low back pain is no joke.

I’m so happy with the results of this product.

I feel there is really nothing else on the market that offers so much to low back pain suffers like myself.

That is.. In terms of value for the price.

If you suffer from lower back pain, decreased mobility, and increased frustration with your back pain, you might want to consider getting an Invertabelt.

Let’s begin the review.

The Invertabelt Review – Product at a Glance

Name: The Invertablet
Price: $49.95
Creators: The Oakford Group
For: Back Pain Suffers
Verdict: 98/100 – Works Like a Charm!

What is The Invertabelt?

The Invertabelt is a simple therapeutic device that you can use to..

  • Decrease low back pain
  • Increase range of motion for the back and lower body 
  • Improve the ease of every day movements
  • Build core muscle stregth
  • Potentially eliminate back pain all together 🙂

It’s made of super strong webbing, like what rock climbers use to scale mountains.

It has a simple design of a belt and foot strap, both made of webbing, with two circular resistance bands that attach to the belt.

See Below…

The Invertabelt can be used in multiple positions (sitting, standing, laying down).

It comes with a ton of great exercises and helpful training videos to walk you through the proper use of the product.

It is relatively new to the market, being introduced in places like Amazon about 6 months ago.

The product was created by an advanced group of Physical Therapists called the The Oakford Group.

They created the Invertabelt to solve one problem, and that’s low back pain.

How Does The Invertabelt Work?

The Invertabelt is based on a couple physiological/anatomy principles, the McKenzie Method®/dynamic disc model and pain science.

The Invertabelt allows the user to apply what’s called Overpressure within the spine.

I don’t want to go into an anatomy/physiology lessen here, but essentially by exerting an overpressure to the spine, we can decrease pain and improve motion to our back.

Especially in the lower back!

The best way I can describe this experience is like a calm embrace.

It calms your muscles and normalizes pain.

When you have the pressure from the belt, then add additional tension from the Foot Strap and/or Resistance Bands, you get a softening of tight muscles that helps you relax.

At the same time, you get a decompression and overpressure of the spinal column in the lower back.

This results in decreased pain and softened muscle tone, all while improving upon motion within that painful area.

What I Liked:

There’s a ton of things to love about this product.

You may not think it’s so powerful just by looking at it, but it really does a number on tight and sore lower backs.

Here’s what’s to Love about the Invertabelt…

  • It’s Lightweight and Compatible – You can take this product anywhere, like work, on vacations, etc.
  • Educational Videos provided are short and easy to follow
  • Plethora of daily exercises to improve core strength
  • Instant Decrease in Low Back Pain!
  • Improved Back Motion
  • You Can Grade all the Exercises (discussed below)
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Excellent price for all that you get = Excellent Value!

I’ve have had back pain off and on for over 20 years, but over the last 4 years I’ve had chronic lower back pain.

Lower left side most all the time. I’m also an Occupational Therapist, did 5 years of Yoga, and have a decent understanding of how to manage back pain.

I also recently finished 3 months of PT sessions and dry needling (which has solid results) at $120/45 minutes.

The Invertabelt only costs $49.95, less than 1/2 of one of my PT sessions. I did like 20 sessions!

At this point I’ve bought Foam Rollers, Therapy Balls, an Inversion/Tilt Machine and I’m using the Invertabelt and getting really positive results.

As for the Invertabelt goes, there’s really nothing but value in this product in terms of pricing, functionality, and results.

P.S. Check out this recent post we did to learn how to use the Invertabelt to Improve Sitting Posture.

What I Didn’t Like:

There’s really nothing to dislike with this product.

I would recommend improving upon the organization of their educational website a bit, but that will come in time.

It is a new product so that can be expected.

I did have one of the Red Resistance bands break on me a couple weeks into using it.

I’m pretty careful with these types of things and watched all the videos. Maybe I did something wrong, but one of the bands broke.

I emailed the owners and the customer service was incredible. 

They instantly sent me a new one and really wanted to know what happened in order to improve upon their product.

Since then, I’ve been using my new Invertabelt and haven’t had any issues with it for over 2 months now. 

Bottom line, really solid customer service and it’s nice to know the company cares about their customers and products.

Their website will get better and maybe they’ll need to strengthen the bands, but all in all, nothing to dislike here.

Invertabelt and Grading: What’s this Guy Talking About?

Grading is a therapy concept of making a task or exercise easier or harder to find the appropriate challenge for the patient. 

As we master easier tasks, we grade up to more difficult tasks to achieve whatever goal we’re going after.

At the same time, if something’s too hard, we grade down to achieve results.

The Invertabelt is extremely easy to grade for stretching, core strength exercises and the decompression and overpressure of the spine.

Simply by changing the tension on the waist belt or foot strap, or by moving into a different position, we can find the right challenge our bodies need.

This makes this product work for the user on an individual basis.

Get the Best Prices On The Invertabelt @ Amazon Today!

How to Use the Invertabelt?

There’s a ton of exercises that are included with the program.

They give great examples and show proper techniques on how to use the product.

Here’s a few Invertabelt Exercises that will give you an idea as to how this product works.

It may not look like much is happening in the video below, but the pressure from the foot strap and resistance bands provides decompression and overpressure to the spine.

Check it out.

I love this next video.

This is how you can tell the Invertabelt was created by physical therapists.

Sounds like Boot Camp for folks with back pain.  🙂

I kid…  😉

It’s actually a great video to demonstrate the majority of the exercises you can do with this product.

With each one of these exercises, you can do them slowly and for repititions, or hold the end range of the motion to decrease pain and improve mobility.

I’d encourage you to go through all of the exercises.

You might find something that really works for your kind of back pain.

Plus you can develop a daily exercise routine to keep the results you gain by using this product.

Our Conclusion:

I’ve found the Invertabelt to be one of my go-to-tools to not only manage my back pain, but significantly lesson it.

I’m hoping to have it gone soon as I keep using the product.

Just got to keep up with my daily exercises!

Special Note: If you go with this product to help your back pain, you’ve got to follow the instructions and stick to the program daily to get good results.

You can do it and it will be worth it.

I think if you’re having consistent back pain at all, I would highly recommend the Invertabelt. 

Why’s that?

Back pain is horrible. It only increases over time and the sooner you take control of it, the better quality of life you will have.

You can spend thousands on Physical Therapy for your back pain, or you can get the Invertabelt.

I’m glad I made the right decision.

Get free of back pain, Get the Invertabelt!

I hope this review of the Invertabelt has been helpful. If you have any experience with the product, please leave a comment below.

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Todd is an Occupation Therapist and Internet Marketer. He inspires to help others improve their lives through therapy and online education.

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  1. Well, I didn’t know about the product, but I think it’s very useful. Normally when someone has low back pain is because that person has a very bad posture when he or she sits down or stands up, or ducks. Thas casues the spine, specially the lumbar zone, to rectify the area, when realy is curve on the front. The invertabelt works positioning the lumbar zone back to its normal curvature. I think that should work. Just don’t use it if you have osteoporosis.

  2. Todd
    You Have given the review of a great product.My wife especially most of the Indian women are suffering from lower back pain. I will recommend this product to my wife.
    The price is also affordable.But I have doubt about the durability of the product. If used regularly how long it will be usable?
    Thanks for your review.

    1. Good question Prabakaran. I spoke to the owner because of the resistance bands broke on me that was the first experience they had like that in over 6 months.

      It’s a brand new product and so they may have to update the bands. However, the webbing and the belt are super strong, you could break them if you tried.

      The owner gave me a new Invertabelt and I’ve had now for 2 months and use it daily and it’s working great.

      I just pay attention the band personally.


  3. Wow! I’ve never heard of an invertablet. This looks like something I could really use, too! I suffer from a lot of lower back pain… but the problem is, I’m often travelling, living in many different places, so I’ve never been able to seriously attend to my back pain problems. But this looks totally compactable to bring along as I travel – and still be able to give my lower back the attention it needs. 🙂

    50$ is a real deal for something like this, too! Thanks so much for the review! 🙂

    1. You are correct and I think the Invertabelt will be a perfect travel companion.

      I still bring my foam roller and Lacrosse balls with me wherever I go.

      Regarding time and dedication, the reality is that you need to just set aside an hour of your time to work on your back pain.

      Think of it as an investment in your quality of life and I’m sure it will work for you.

      Safe travels,


  4. As you said, just by looking at it, it seems as if it will not be beneficial to the user. Even the best review cannot validate the goodness of a product. 

    However, what makes this product helpful and amazing is because you have used it by yourself and you can prove that it really works.

    I hope I can have one for myself in the future since I had been suffering intermittently from low back pain.

    1. Hi Abagatan,

      I’d certainly recommend the Invertabelt to anyone that has lower back pain.

      There’s just too many great exercises and stretches for the back that I think you could keep it for years and use it when needed.

      The trunk strengthening exercises you can use with it will also help prevent reoccurring low back pain problems.



  5. Hi Todd,

    The Invertabelt sounds amazing. I’m just wondering would it suit me as I am completely unfit, stiff and slightly overweight. Can I still benefits from it and do all the exercises? Do you need a basic level of flexibility and fitness to benefit? Thanks for the detailed review, I’m interested, just not sure would I be able to use it properly. Thanks

    1. Hi Anita, 

      I just measured the belt and I believe it would fit someone with a pant width of 50 inches.

      I don’t think you need to worry about your level of fitness AT ALL!!!!!

      Forget that thought process and just start with the basic exercises and do what you can.

      This is a great time to improve your physical conditioning, not let it get worse.

      The worse one’s mobility becomes in life, the more challenging it is to recuperate and improve upon your physical condition.

      Check it out, give it a try, I’m sure there’s a way to try it out without much risk.



  6. Hi Todd

    Chronic back pain has such an impact on people’s quality of life. Thanks for sharing the review. There doesn’t seem to be enough high quality products on the market today that actually help fix the underlying cause of the problem! Keep up the good work!


    1. Awesome Andy, thanks for your feedback on our post. Much appreciated, chronic back pain certainly can drastically change ones life.

      It’s pretty sad when you meet someone that has been affected by this situation. I’ve met my fair share working in Skilled Nursing Rehab facilities and it’s a wake up call.


  7. Great review for the Invertabelt. I appreciate the detail as to how it works – I’m a techie, so I’m always curious about the mechanism of action.

    I will consider this product the next time I experience lower back pain (fortunately, this is not frequent for me…).

    I’m curious about overcompression of the spine that works in this system. This seems to be the reverse of what happens in inversion. I find that inversion helps a bit with my spine issues (usually upper back) but it isn’t a big relief.
    Do you avoid inversion completely now, or does it still have a place in your spine health therapy?

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for your feedback on our review.

      You know, I’m using them in together daily and I find both really are beneficial.

      I think you’d get a benefit from the belt through the core strengthening exercises.

      Another cool feature that I discovered about the belt was how effective the system is at monitoring your sitting posture.

      It effects your neck position and that has a big impact on your upper back.

      I like mixing the Inversion Table with the Invertabelt because the opposite effect it has. 

      Don’t think of it as compression, you’re over pressuring the opposite side of the column that’s least used.

      Due to poor postures, there’s something like 30x’s greater time is spent with the lumbar section compressed anteriorly compared to posteriorly. 

      So overpressuring at the spine is done to correct this. There’s also some principles on how pain will decrease and the nervous system will reset itself with end range of motion.

      This seems to be the case in my opinion. 



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