Lo Bak TRAX Review – Will This Product Really Decrease Low Back Pain?

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If you are looking for a home-based product to treat lower back pain, you might have ran into Shark Tank Lori Greiner’s new product called Lo Bak TRAX.

After seeing this product on QVC and following Lori Greiner on Shark Tank for years, I was excited to try it out after seeing it in Amazon.

You see, I’ve had back pain for a number of years and over the last 4 years I’ve have what’s considered chronic low back pain.

I’ve tried a number of therapies and products and recently I purchased two new lower back pain relief products, and one of them was the Lo Bak TRAX.

So, does the product work as advertised?

Will Lo Bak TRAX decompress your spine as indicated in the commercials and relieve your low back pain?

These are a few of the questions we will address in this low back Trax review.

Lo Bak TRAX – Product at a Glance

Name: Lo Bak TRAX
Inventor/Owners: Roland S. Berthiaume, Thomas A. ValentineLori Greiner
Purpose: Decrease low back pain
Cost: $39.99 with shipping charges.
Verdict: 2/5 Rating
Does is Work: See below!

What is the Lo Bak TRAX

The Lo Bak TRAX device is a back relief pain product that can be used at home for the purpose of decreasing low back pain.

The concept is that by using the device on a daily basis you can provide your lower back with decompression to relieve pain in the low back areas that are compressed.

The Lo Bak TRAX Provides a duel traction force to decompress the lower lumbar and sacral regions of the spine.

The theory make sense and it’s easy to see how it works. See the demonstration below.

The starting position is laying down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

Note: There is an alternative position where you can put your feet up on a chair if this position is a strain for your knees.

By pressing down with both hands through the device and into your upper thighs, you get a gentle decompression of the lower back area.

So the Lo Bak TRAX product does provide a slight decompression of the spine, but does it affect back pain?

Does Lo Bak TRAX Work? Not For Me

When I used this device, I could feel a slight decompression of my lower back, but mostly I enjoyed the pressure experienced through my upper body caused from pressing down through the device.

It seemed to have a positive effect normalizing the knots in my upper back.

I used the device as instructed and throughout the day and although I could feel a slight decompression of the lower spine at times, nothing happened of any significance in my opinion.

I did not get any real relief of my lower back pain.

As soon as I stopped using the product, the back pain returned.

The product is built really solid and it is simple to use, but I don’t think it’s significant enough to really improve one’s back pain.

At least not for me.

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What I Didn’t Like

I think this product is NOT effective at decreasing lower back pain. Especially for back pain suffers who are looking for an effective chronic back pain treatment to handle this disability.

There is a bit of distraction, but that’s not going to be enough to get ride of, or manage, one’s back pain.

You’ve got to have core, lower back and hip strengthening exercises included in any low back pain treatment program. 

Other than that, I just don’t like the fact that I don’t think this product works.

At least not in comparison with what I’ve experienced as a Therapist and Back Pain Sufferer.

Lo Bak Trax Complaints:

The complaints that I read about this product when I decided to purchase it are about Disclaimers and Lack of Function.

There’s a number of complaints that this product should do a better job at dislaiming that this product is not appropriate for those that have had spinal surgeries like a spinal fusion.

There were a few complaints about the product making their back feel worse. Some people have even gone as far as calling Lo Bak Trax a Scam.

Personally, I don’t think Lo Bak Trax is a scam. It’s just an ineffective product.

And the biggest complaint with the Lo Bak Trax system is the same thing I’m saying here in this review…

That is.. The Lo Bak Trax Simply Doesn’t Work.

Check out these two screenshots below. All too common with this product.

Lo Bak TRAX Review

Lo Bak TRAX Review

Lo Bak TRAX and Exercise

The product comes with some educational videos on how to use the device as well as some helpful stretches that will improve your lower back pain.

These exercises are the same exercises that we as therapists recommend to our patients, but without the device.

The reality is that you can get the same relief with these types of exercises without this device.

As a matter of fact, check out this post to learn 10 low back pain relief exercises that you can do on a daily basis that will decrease your lower back pain and increase core strength.

It is good to see the product has an exercise program behind it and that the exercises are appropriate, so that’s a plus.

But after using this device for 3 weeks, I felt the Lo Bak TRAX device had little to no effect on my lower back pain.

I ended up returning the product to Amazon for a refund.

Will Lo Bak TRAX Help Your Lower Back Pain

It’s tough to say, there is a good amount of positive feedback about this product.

At the same time, there is also negative feedback complaining about the same thing that I experienced.

That is.. a lack of results on decreasing or managing low back pain.

I would imagine that it works for some people.

I also had a friend and my wife try the product out and they both felt very little relief in their lower back.

It might just work for other people better than it worked for myself. The product does provide a bit of relief so that may be causing some of the positive feedback.

All in all I don’t think this product is the best value for your money nor do I think it will help your low back pain.

What’s a Better Option Than Lo Bak TRAX?

Earlier I mentioned I bought two home-based low back pain products from Amazon.

The first was the Lo Bak Trax which I have to give a thumbs down, the second was a new product called the Invertabelt.

The Invertabelt has so many advantages over the Lo Bak TRAX it’s not even funny.

I’d encourage you to check out our review of the Invertabelt to get to know why the product is of such high value.

Especially for long-term back suffers like myself.

What I like about the Invertabelt is that it was created by Physical Therapists to provide not only Decompression of the spine, but also Overpressure.

I explain the concept a bit in our Invertabelt review, but it’s a therapist’s dream for a number of reasons.

The product comes with therapeutic exercises that will educate any person who suffers from back pain and will give you a great home exercise program to manage and decrease low back pain.

The exercises can be done from anywhere and the end result is increased back range of motion, flexibility, and immediate and profound decrease in low back pain.

It works immediately and has long-term results if used on a consistent daily basis.

The Invertabelt provides a unique manual therapy that is incredibly effective at decreasing tone in the back muscles.

Normally you’d have to go to a physical therapist to get this type of manual therapy, with the Invertabelt you can get the same therapeutic results anywhere.

Not only that, but you can read how the Invertabelt will help improve your sitting posture with this post.

What’s Next?

Read our review of the Invertabelt and see why so many Occupational and Physical Therapists are using it for themselves and recommending it to their patients. 

Don’t believe the marketing hype on TV, the Lo Bak TRAX is nothing special.

You can actually provide the same manual therapy by pressing your hand into your upper thighs in the same position as you use the Lo Bak TRAX.

Thanks for reading our Lo Bak TRAX review, if you have any experience or feedback with this product, leave a comment below.

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