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January 21, 2018

Need a Height Adjustable Standing Desk? StandTall Is Awesome!

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Let me guess. You spend a good amount of time working at your desk and you’ve started to notice some physical ailments?

Am I right?

I’ve been in this situation ever since I went from working as a full time Occupational Therapist to full time Online Marketer.

Over the past 5 years it’s been a big change from working with patients to spending hours sitting in front of a desk working away.

That’s a big change from moving around all day versus sitting down all the time.

Neck pains, knots in the upper back, carpel tunnel, and lower back pain can be some of the results of prolonged periods of sitting and working in front of a computer.

What’s the solution?

Well you might need some therapy and I’m sure you can find some home-based therapy solutions here at TherapyBoy.com.

But most likely, you’d benefit from a ergonomic height adjustable sit to stand work station.

Ever since I’ve bought mine, I’ve been able to break up my day, change my work position as needed, and significantly decrease my lower back pain and knots in my neck and upper back.

Simply by changing body position throughout the workday and using proper ergonomics, you can avoid pain in the workplace and improve upon your quality of life  😉

Height Adjustable Standing Desk: So Many Choices!

If you’re just starting your search to find the right sit to stand desk, you can save a lot of time by reading this post in it’s entirety.

The height adjusting sit to stand desk industry has exploded in the last 5+ years.

New brand names have emerged with Varidesk being the industry’s current leader.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Image

The reality is that most height adjustable standing desks are pretty similar.

There are a few important considerations you need to investigate when looking into this type of product.

Mostly, you need to consider your personal height requirements in both Sitting and Standing positions. As well, your body’s position in relationship to the monitor and keyboard/mouse position (discussed below).

After scouring the internet and reviewing the top 30+ height adjustable desktop based work stations, I feel I found the best height adjustable standing desktop solution.

One that will work for most people.

I wanted to share this information with you in hopes that it will help you with current physical pain issues and prevent future physical problems/doctor visits/expensive therapy sessions..

This also comes from my perspective as an Occupational Therapist (OT) with a background in advanced ergonomics training.

Essentially OT’s look at working postures in relationship to function.

We know that if we maintain healthy postures while working, we can prevent many of the pain issues related to poor posture-based work habits that occur when working at a desk or in front of a computer for long periods at a time.

The product I found that I feel works best is called the StandTall Sit Stand Desktop Workstation and it’s created by S2S Desks.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Image

Not a well known brand name like Varidesk, but a much better value in my opinion.

Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Considerations:

The ability to adjust the height of our monitor and keyboard position is critical to find the best and most ergonomic work position for the individual.

What you find with most Sit to Stand models is that they have fixed height positions for the unit itself.

As well, most units don’t allow you to adjust the keyboard angle, which makes a big difference in getting disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome (discussed below).

Most standing desk systems adjust their height from 3 inches to 17 inches, some even go higher.

But the problem with most height adjustable standing desk systems is that they have set intervals to make these height adjustments.

So you are limited by set height positions with most height adjustable standing desk systems.

And that includes the popular Varidesk models.

Say they have 10 adjustment positions, maybe you find one position that will work for you and you’re height in standing.

This still doesn’t really work very well with human anatomy, here’s why…

Human beings need to move, weight shift, and change our stance, etc..

If you widen your stance or weight shift to one side, the same interval or adjustment position will need to be changed slightly.

So interval height adjustments aren’t optimal for ergonomics. 

We need to be able to adjust the height to INFINITE LEVELS and not be limited to 10 or 11 positions.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Image

That’s one aspect I love about the StandTall Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, you can move it to any desired height position from, 0 inches up to 20 inches.


This allows you to set whatever height you need for the monitor and keyboard in relationship to whatever position you like.

In other words, the product adjusts to you, not you adjust to the product.

Another Factor To Consider: Keyboard Angle

Most height adjustable sit to stand desks don’t offer the ability to adjust your keyboard angle.

I’m referring to the ability to bend and extend the wrist angle position.

This can make all the difference in preventing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, a disorder that affects far too many people.


Simply by changing the angle slightly can make the difference in working in comfort or developing a chronic repetitive disorder like Carpel Tunnel.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Image


This is a feature I’d highly recommend because as the height of the keyboard and monitor position change, you will most likely want to slightly change the position of the keyboard’s angle.

This in turn will change the angle of wrist flexion and extension.

Basic Ergonomics in Sitting and Standing

As we discussed earlier, you need to consider your height requirements in relationship to the computer monitor and keyboard.

Here’s how to simplify the process.

First, here’s what good sitting and standing posture looks like.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Image

In both sitting and standing, your focus should be on a few areas.

  1. General orientation: sit or stand in an upright position.
  2. Focus on your chin tuck. Make sure it’s not protruding forward or too far tucked as if you’re looking downward. There is a slight tuck to it, but your head orientation is also upright.
  3. The monitor height should be equal to the top of your head.
  4. Monitor Distance from You: Extend one arm directly in front of you. Your finger tips should just be able touch the monitor.
  5. Shoulders are relaxed. Elbows bent around 90 degrees and resting by your sides.
  6. Wrists are in a neutral position but can be slightly flexed or extended.

Now all we need to do is match up good sitting and standing posture with a keyboard and a monitor using a height adjustable standing desk.

Why I Like the StandTall Desktop Workstation

Like I said, there are a lot of height adjustable standing desk brands and styles out there that may work great for you.

You need to consider your price range and the desktop surface area needed.

I found a number a really great models out there that range from $150 to $800 dollars. I compared them to one of the more popular brand names that you may have heard about, Varidesk.

And while Varidesk is a great option, there’s similar types of models that cost around $170.

However, non of these models offer the flexibility of height adjustment and keyboard adjustment that we mentioned above.

At least not in this sub $400 dollar price range.

The StandTall desktop work station meets all my ergonomic needs.

Plus it’s less than the popular Varidesk Pro Plus 36 model priced at $395 dollars. The StandTall costs $319.00.

So for the same sized unit that costs $76 dollars less, and comes with more ergonomic features, I went with the StandTall Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation.

I’m very happy with my choice and here’s why.

Why I Recommend the StandTall Desk?

Like I said, there’s a ton of adjustable standing desk options out there. Some can get pretty costly when you add in the ergonomic feature discussed above. 

The ability to change the height between 0 and 20 inches in either sitting or standing position will give you more than enough freedom of movement. 

Plus the fact that you can move your wrist angle within +/- 10 degrees will allow your wrist and hand to be in a very comfortable position.

Considering that this type of standing desk will prevent future pain and/or physical disorders, I feel it’s worth the difference in some of the models that cost less than $200.00.

Other than that…

The StandTall Desk ships assembled, it’s lighter than most adjustable height sit to stand desks and built extremely durable.

It looks great with it’s sleek black finish and is very easy to adjust the height up and down.

This was one of the complaints about many of the other brands like VariDesk, VersaDesk, FlexiSpot, etc..

The style, function, and flexibility of the StandTall makes me feel that this is by far the best choice when it comes to buying an adjustable height standing desk.

I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this desk. I’m really happy with mine and feel the benefits of this product will far outweigh the costs.


My recommendation as an Occupational Therapist talking to someone who wants to keep their budget under $400 dollars is…

Go with the StandTall and invest in your quality of life and long term health.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope this will help you find the right height adjustable standing desk.

If you have any experience or feedback, we’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

Be Awesome! Share This Post & Help Someone..
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Todd is an Occupation Therapist and Internet Marketer. He inspires to help others improve their lives through therapy and online education.

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  1. My husband has just gotten one of these, in fact his employer provided them to anyone who wanted it. I think it’s a great idea and I wish more employers would provide these!

  2. Hi Todd,
    If you’re spending a lot of time on your computer an adjustable standing desk must be a good investment. Although I spend a few hours a day on the computer I tend to break it down into small sessions of no more than 2 hours. I then go and do some physical work outside. To date, I haven’t many problems but I can see from your post my screen is too low and also too near, I’ll put that right. The only slight problem I’ve had is with my wrist, so the ability to change the keyboard angle would be useful. I don’t want any problems with the Carpal Tunnel!
    Thanks for your recommendation, the Standall desk seems to be a reasonable price and knowing your Occupational Therapist background your advice is valuable.

    1. Awesome Peter, thanks for your feedback.

      If that wrist starts getting the best of you or you notice a change in condition, ie. sharp new pain, different sensations, start with a little ice and practice basic first aide as you would with any acute injury.

      But also look at your environment and see what changes you can make. Maybe a height adjustable standing desk would be the best long term fix.

      I’m still using and appreciating my StandTall. I did the morning work in standing and the afternoon sitting.


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