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March 8, 2019

Epitomie Fitness Exercise Ball Review:

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Epitomie Fitness is an company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of fitness accessories and equipment. One of their most popular products being Active Balance Fitness Ball, which we'll be examining in this Epitomie Fitness Exercise Ball review. 

If you're wondering if this exercise ball is a good fit, this review is for you. 

Epitomie's Active Balance Fitness Ball Review Summary:

Rating: 95/100

Price: $17 - 22.68

Pros: Exercise charts, budget-friendly, and gym-grade. 

Bottom Line: Great fitness ball. Recommended. 

What is Active Balance Fitness Ball? 

There are only so many possible variations of exercise balls.

As long as they're made from sturdy material, the right size, anti-burst, and gym grade - any ball can accomplish the same goal. 

On the other hand, most fitness companies will manufacture an exercise ball and provide little instruction on how to use it for optimal results (and safety!). Epitomie Fitness takes it to a whole new level. 

epitomie fitness active balance fitness ball review

Active Balance Fitness ball is much like other exercise balls, with a couple key differences. One being the focus on exercises. With the Active Balance Fitness ball, exercise demonstrations are include in the box. 

The best part:

Exercise demonstrations are actually printed on the ball, so you don't need to whip out the workbook when you want to perfect your form. Plus, it makes it very easy to memorize the exercises. 

Moving on: 

Active Balance Fitness Ball Features: 

Epitomie Fitness' Active Balance includes a few notable features. 

1. 13 Exercises Printed on Ball

This feature is what makes this specific ball unique. I really like this feature, it makes learning the exercises incredibly simple. The fitness ball has 13 exercises printed on the material of the product, wrapping around circumference of the ball.

epitomie fitness active balance fitness ball review

So when you're not sure what to do, take a step back, and look at the ball - it will tell you what to do. The following are some exercises: push-up, sit-up, wall squat, and back extension. These are the most common core exercises that you can do on an exercise ball. 

2. eBook Included in Package

How can you include an eBook in a package? Epitomie Fitness includes printed instructions on how to download the eBook - titled "Strong Body & Core". They also send you an email with the download instructions. The book includes another 30 exercises and routines to help you get the most of the fitness ball. Great for beginners! 

3. Lifetime Guarantee

I have to admit, Epitomie Fitness' refund policies are solid. They offer a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee, and customers have even mentioned they received extra fitness balls to try out. Better yet, this policy extends to all of their products. 

4. Variety of Colors

Though not as many as URBN Fit exercise balls, there are multiple colors available.


  1. Red 
  2. Black
  3. Dark Blue
  4. Purple

Most of the colors are dark. 

5. Multiple Sizes

Currently, the active fitness ball can come in three sizes: 55", 65", and 75" - the larger being more appropriate for taller individuals. Though there isn't as much of a size selection as some other companies, these are the most common sizes. 

6. 2000 LB Support

Worried you might pop the ball? Don't worry. Epitome Fitness literally drove a car over the ball and it didn't pop - I'm sure you won't be able to pop it (unless you really, really, try!).

epitomie fitness active balance fitness ball review image

The product is made from extremely durable anti-burst material. Even on the off chance it does break, there's a lifetime guarantee. So no need to stress. 

Included in the Kit: 

Besides the ball itself, there are a few other items include in the kit. 

Let's run see what's inside. 

Hand Pump:

A standard hand-pump that is typical for most exercise ball kits. Very easy to use and can inflate the ball in 15 minutes or less. Most customers mentioned the ball was easy to inflate and the pump wasn't too straining to use. 

2 Air Plugs:

An extra plug in case one breaks. Always nice! 

Plug Remover:

Self explanatory, a tool used to remove the plug on the ball. 

Strong Body & Strong Core Exercise Guide:

Instructions on how to download the PDF file that includes more than 30 exercises as well as routines and advice on how to make the most of your new ball. A copy of this book is emailed to you when you buy the ball too. 

Moving on. 

What We Liked Most: 

Now let's run through what I liked most about Epitomie Fitness exercise ball. 

1. Budget Friendly:

You would expect a fitness ball of this quality to be quite expensive, but actually it's one of the most affordable exercise balls on the market. You could add this product to your home gym for less than $20. 

2. Life-Time Guarantee:

Epitomie Fitness has excellent customer support, and refund or replacement requests are never questioned. Got a problem? Get a refund. No hassles. The best part is the guarantee lasts for life. Nothing to lose. 

3. Exercises Printed on the Ball:

Once again, this is what I liked most about the Epitomie's active balance fitness ball. Having the exercises right there in front of you saves you a lot of time. It's incredibly convenient and it makes it easier for you to start using the ball on a regular basis.

Epitomie's Fitness Ball Cons: 

There's not much to complain about.

1. Lack of Colors:

Though I personally like the dark-colors, I noticed some customers have complained about the lack of color variation.

2. Low Quality Hand-Pump:

Another common complaint is regarding the hand-pump, a few customers felt it lacked enough power to properly inflate the ball. There was also mention of some air leaks as well. 

3. Limited Sizes:

When compared to other exercise balls, 3 sizes isn't much. Many times I've found they only have the 65 cm and 75 cm balls in stock. So this could be improved upon.


Overall, Epitomie Fitness knocked it out of the park with this fitness ball. It's an excellent product that can be used for a wide variety of activities, and can be purchased without breaking the bank.

To summarize, we recommend Epitomie Fitness Active Balance Fitness Ball, especially for complete beginners, as the exercise diagrams are printed on the ball. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Epitomie Fitness Exercise Ball review. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Until next time. 

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