New Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment – That Actually Works!

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It’s no fun  to live with a bad back and when you’ve been dealing with one for a long time, it can seem like a hopeless uphill battle.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet!

You can manage chronic lower back pain as well as improve upon your symptoms. You might even be able to eliminate your back pain forever.

When you look at the options to treat chronic lower back pain, you’ve got some choices.

Expensive vs. Economical

Expensive is..

  • Surgery, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, and some types of Medical Devices.

On the Economical Side, We’ve Got..

  • Exercises, Yoga, Hot/Cold Packs, E-Stem Machines, Foam Rollers, Therapy balls, etc.

So there’s a variety of choices and I’ve tried most all of them over the years as a Therapist and as a back pain sufferer.

About 9 months ago, a brand new product was released to the marketplace.

Today we will look at this new device as well as give you a few helpful suggestions and resources to improve your back health.

If you need a solution to your chronic lower back pain, one that you can do at home and that’s inexpensive, you’ve come to right place.

Let’s begin..

Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment: Think Holistically

What we’ve found in therapy and in clinical studies is that people who suffer low back pain get the best results from from a variety of therapies and exercises.

But mostly, from exercise, that is proper exercises for low back pain.

We’ve outlined a structured approach to treating chronic lower back pain, click the link to learn more.

In general, if we can calm down the lower back, improve mobility, and increase strength, we can get the back to function again without experiencing pain.

And this is the entire point.

The Invertabelt combined with exercise, occasional use of hot and cold packs, and a little bit of education and you’ll get great results.

The Invertabelt itself combines manual therapy, core strengthening, flexibility, and neuromuscular re-education, and it works great when used in conjunction with some healthy back pain specific exercises.

At the same time..

Why Do You Have Chronic Lower Back Pain? 

Before getting to the exercises of our favorite new chronic lower back pain treatment, you’ve got to figure out what is the cause of your pain.

Is it your posture when you work?

Do you spend all day at your desk (this is my problem working online)?

Or is it just that you have decreased strength in your hips and core strength (also an issue in my situation )?

We want to take a holistic approach with chronic back pain.

Find out what’s causing the pain then create systems to prevent the cause.

If you don’t stop the source of your pain you’ll never be free of lower back pain.

So how does one do this?

Check Your Ergonomics and Prevent Back Pain

I work online a lot, and my lower back pain is always related to my sitting posture.

I sit far too many hours without taking breaks, and sometimes find myself in awkward positions.

Neck protruding forward, upper back slumped, lower back slouched, etc.

OH, if you need help with sitting posture, check out this post to learn how to monitor and improve your sitting posture.

Bottom line..

Find out what’s causing your back pain.

It could be the way you sit when driving, your sleep positions, how you lift objects off the ground, etc..

By knowing the cause of your back pain, you can be proactive to make the appropriate changes in your daily routines.

More Practical Ergonomic Applications..

I’ll Use Myself as the Example Again.

I set my mirrors in my car so that when I’m driving, I’m forced to have good posture in order to use my mirrors.

I put the side and rear view mirrors into position once I’ve found a nice upright sitting posture.

Make sure you don’t have the Turtle Head Posture – Neck/Chin protruding forward.

Another Ergonomic Example:

Recently I purchases a height adjustable lift to be able to work in sitting or standing, like a Veridesk.

I can adjust the computer height and keyboard angle.

This gives me a variety of positions to work from versus being forced to work in an awkward sitting position.

Basic Ergonomic Information:

Proper ergonomics prevent numerous nerve impingement syndromes and chronic pain disorders.

Things like..

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Golfers and Tennis Elbow
  • Neck Nerve Impingement
  • Knots in your Upper Back & Neck

With a little preventative care, we can avoid chronic repetitive stress disorders.

Now I can stand while working and move around as my body needs. This alone has made a significant improvement in my chronic lower back pain.

Next we need to get to work and learn some healthy back exercises and leverage this thing called The Invertabelt.

New Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment: Hello Invertabelt 

The Invertabelt provides the necessary therapeutic exercise you need to improve your back health.

It will strengthen, stretch, decompress and return function back to your spine.

It also provides an Overpressure and Decompression to the spine.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Photo

Another aspect that I love about this product is that it provides a manual therapy technique that decreases spastic muscle tone in the lower back.

This is something that usually requires the skills of a Physical Therapist.

So you can independently administer this technique whenever you want.

For me, it’s always my lower back (left side) that gets tight. I can stretch it in forward flexion and do prone back extension exercises. Like this…

Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Photo

But my lower back muscles tighten up again once I release from a forward flexion position and return to a standing or sitting position.

When I stand while working, I can pull on the strap of the Invertabelt to give my lower back a firm manual pressure.

This causes those tight low back muscles to relax and I can continue working.

This basically allows me to break my negative lower back pain cycle.

The Invertabelt is also very economical for what you get (basically the perfect ‘Low Back Pain’ Home Exercise Program).

Forget the Doctor visits, Physical Therapy bills or pain pills.

Plus, you can use this product anywhere you go.

I feel that the Invertabelt is the best value of all the products I’ve used to manage lower back pain at home and on my own.


Chronic lower back pain treatment can be thought of in terms of managing inflammation through cold therapy, augment the healing process through massage, heat, therapeutic exercises and stretches.

If you need more practical applications, read our post on how to treat low back pain.

Many times when we have chronic pain, we don’t want to do anything.

That’s the opposite of what we need to do.

Instead we want to find some activity we can engage in that is free of pain and allows for movement.

This will decrease your low back pain while improving upon your daily functions.

In turn, you’ll return to everyday activities and increase your independence with mobility and daily activities.

The Invertabelt provides you with plenty of exercises that will not only decrease your lower back pain, they’ll teach you how to care for your back in the future, if not cure it.

And for that reason, the Invertabelt is the best new chronic lower back pain treatment on the current market.

Thoughts? Love to hear form you. Leave a comment below if you’d be so kind.

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