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May 1, 2019

Are Weighted Blankets Worth It? Our Recommended Choices:

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You might have heard a friend raving about how comfortable weighted blankets are, and now you want to know if weighted blankets are worth it.

Most people who use weighted blankets can't imagine life without them. Let's take a closer look at these products and see how they can benefit your health. 

What is ​a Weighted Blanket? 

Weighted blankets are designed with specific materials to increase the weight of the blanket. The weight of the blanket can range from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. Generally, it's best to match the weight of a blanket to the weight of the user, 15 pound blankets and are great for adults, while lighter ones are more appropriate for children. 

Besides being warmer than most blankets, weighted blankets have been proven to improve a wide range of health issues, from anxiety and depression to insomnia and even autism. We will talk more about weighted blanket benefits in the next section.

​Weighted Blanket Health Benefits:

If you're wondering if weighted blankets are worth it, this section should convince you. Weighted blankets offer a wide range of health benefits but one worth talking about is alleviating anxiety. 

People who are prone to high levels of anxiety and stress tend to benefit the most from weighted blankets. On the science end, the reason for this is because weighted blankets trigger and increase the comfort hormone, serotonin, while lowering the stress related hormone, cortisol

A study on 32 adults using weighted blankets revealed 33% of the subjects demonstrated a decrease in electrodermal activity (blood pressure, pulse rate, etc) and 63% said they felt less anxiety when using a weighted blanket. Overall, a vast majority of the test  subjects (78%) preferred the blankets as a method to reduce stress and anxiety.

The blankets have also been proven to improve melatonin levels which helps balance sleep cycles. In some cases, doctors will recommend melatonin supplements to people who are struggling with sleep disorders.

On another note, studies have shown the feeling of being physically touched in an affectionate way releases several feel-good hormones. Using a weighted blanket is kind of like getting a long-lasting cuddle. Cozy and warm.

What's not to love? 

​Combine all these benefits and the final result is a rest​ful, warm, and deep sleep. If you struggle with sleep deprivation, a weighted blanket could be what you need to catch up. Overall, weighted blankets are at least worth trying out, and they're cheaper than monthly supplements and medication.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, if you struggle with sleeping due to Plantar Fasciitis, I recommend checking out this article on the best night splints for Plantar Fasciitis.

Before we continue...

​Are Weighted Blankets Safe? 

​Weighted blankets can be quite heavy and you want to know if weighted blankets are safe. Is there a risk of being smothered in your sleep?

​Inherently, weighted blankets are not dangerous. On the other hand, issues can arise when you match an adult-size blanket to children under the age of three years old.

As mentioned earlier, the weight of the blanket should match the weight and age of the individual. Children should use light versions, meanwhile adults can use the heavier ones, it all depends on the strength levels of the individual.

Overall, weighted blankets are safe, cozy, and warm. They're also safe for pet use, and dogs, in particular, love them, although the same weight-matching rule applies. Generally, there are no major dangers to using a weighted blanket, and the benefits far outweigh the cons.

​What are The Best Weighted Blankets? 

Finding the best weighted blanket for you depends on your needs, age, and height. What one person considers the best for them might not work for you. Nevertheless, there are a few weighted blankets that seem to work for most people. We'll list our recommendations below. 

1. Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket

​This is our favorite weighted blanket for a number of reasons. First of all, it's incredibly soft and comfortable. The blanket is made from breathable fabric and fleece material.

I absolutely love this blanket and it feels a notch better in quality compared to other weighted blankets in my opinion. 

are weighted blankets worth it

Secondly, ​you can choose the​ weight (10 - 25 Pounds) and color (Blue, Grey, and Pink). Most of the people who use this blanket report it reduces depression and anxiety while improving sleep quality. 

Personally, I like it because it's incredibly soft and while it's heavy and thick, it's not too hot for summer nights, or too cold for winter. The product provides the perfect amount of comfort.

The only downside is it's not machine washable (mainly due to the size) so it's recommended to either buy a duvet or spot-wash it. Although a little pricey, I highly recommend it. The quality is well worth it.

2. Pine & River Ultra Plush - 60" by 80"

​I have one of these in my bed and use it every night. You have three choices: 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 22 pounds. Most people are happy with 15 pounds. Designed from mink material and cotton inner linings, the Pine & River Ultra Plush is one of the best weighted blankets on the market.

I can confirm the material is incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable. If you want to try out a weighted blanket, you can't go wrong with this product. The best part is this model is machine washable, unlike other weighted blankets that are dry-clean only. Considering the price, it's very hard to beat. The only downside is there aren't many style and color choices.


To summarize, now you know why weighted blankets are worth it. For people who struggle with anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, or PTSD - I highly recommend weighted blankets.

If you never heard of weighted blankets before and their benefits, it might sound strange that a blanket can have such an impact on your life. But it's true. Even if the only benefit is an improvement in sleep quality, I say they're worth it. Sleep deprivation can lead to all kinds of negative disorders.

So weighted blankets are worth it, and I implore you to at least give them a shot. Our two best weighted blankets are listed above and you can't go wrong with either of them. Our number one choice is Calming Comfort​. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about weighted blankets and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Are Weighted Blankets Worth It? Our Recommended Choices:

Are Weighted Blankets Worth It? Our Recommended Choices:


Todd is an Occupation Therapist and Internet Marketer. He inspires to help others improve their lives through therapy and online education.

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  1. It’s great to learn that you shouldn’t let children under 3 years old use adult-sized weighted blankets. My wife and I are wanting to get more amenities for our house and we were wondering if we should get a weighted blanket. I’ll be sure to tell her that we shouldn’t get an adult-sized weighted blanket for our children.

  2. I found it interesting that 63% of users said they felt less anxiety when using the weighted blanket. My wife suffers from severe anxiety. I’ll talk to her about getting a weighted blanket so she feels better when she’s home.

  3. Hi Babsie,

    I know hand washing things can be a pain in the rear, but I personally like the Calming Comfort Better because it’s not quite as hot at night. but you can always try them out and see which one works best for you and if hand-washing is a make-or-break deal, you have got an option and alternatives out there.

    Thanks for your feedback on are weighted blankets post and I think you will love them just as much as I do.

  4. Hi Todd!  I have never heard there was a product out there like a weighted blanket.  I unfortunately have some trouble sleeping and have anxiety and it’s nice to hear there are options out there that are not medicinal.

    I appreciate the thoroughness of your article and the help you provided!  After reading your article, I would like to pick your brain and see what other options are out there for me.  I really like how you included some different pricing options for the blankets as well. 

    I would love to hear more about your concepts of therapy and your experiences. 

    Thank you for sharing this article!

    1. Hi Kareb,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on our weighted blankets post. I think you will find that they help with anxiety as well as get a better night sleep.

      I’ve been using my weighted blanket for about nine months now and I think it’s made of positive difference in my sleep.

      If you want to hear a little bit more about me and some of my concepts of therapy, I would encourage you to check out these two pages…

      About Me
      Therapy 101


  5. I had never heard of a weighted blanket.  Is this a fairly new product?  The article explains how it provides some people with a sense of security and calmness.  The study seems to back this up.  This makes sense to me – just like when we were told to wrap our newborns tightly in a blanket like a burrito.  This might be a good product for many, but I will pass.  At this time in my life I’m having too many hot flashes and kicking off all the blankets in the middle of the night..  This product would make the hot flashes worse.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Karen on our weighted blanket post. Weighted blankets have been around for a while but they are new to most people.

      But you are right, the concept is not new and it’s pretty instinctive once you’ve been a mother and know-how deeper pressure can calm a child. They have gotten popular more so in the last year or so but I think they’re a pretty good investment for many people.

      It doesn’t sound like it would work out for you but if you know anybody who does need help with improving their sleep, feel free to send them to our article to check out weighted blankets and see if they might be able to help others.


  6. Wow!

    I never heard about weighted blankets, let alone a blanket that has healing powers. I was diagnosed with severe depression in 2011 despite being a positive individual that loves to laugh, so the diagnosis was not well received. I take meds but I am not a fan of taking pills so reading about this is exciting. I have another option to consider towards my well being. Questions: Hand wash or machine? and how long after use will on starts to see results when it comes to depression? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kendall,

      It’s tough to say how much time it will take before you start to feel the effect of using a weighted blanket with depression and anxiety.

      In general, when you start sleeping better you start to restore a lot of functions within the body and this can help improve depression. For anxiety, I think I feel it immediately because of the deep pressure calms me down. So maybe just best to try it out and see if it has an effect on your depression or not. I was reading some recent studies that show that weighted blankets can actually help your body produce more melatonin naturally. So that’s also a positive benefit to using a weighted blanket.

      As for washing weighted blankets, most are all hand wash but the one we linked here is machine washable. It’s the Pine & River Ultra Plush blanket. Personally I would stick to hand washing weighted blankets because they will last longer that way.

  7. I remember my friend talked to me about weighted blankets. He used the blanket regularly when sleeping and he feels ‘light’ every time he woke up in the morning. He used to cope with great amount of stress due to work pressure, but he felt calmer after using this blanket. Although I don’t suffer from anxiety of heavy burden of stress, now I’m actually interested to try this weighted blanket. Thank you for giving me some recommendations, I will try to check the Calming Comfort.

    1. Hi Alblue,

      I have the same experience with weighted blankets as your friend did. And I found great relief with sleeping and better results using the product. I would definitely encourage you to try it out just because it’s kind of fun to try something different. You never know, you may love it and find that you sleep better with it.

  8. I keep seeing these weighted blankets, and I have to say they are starting to intrigue me.  I love the fact they can help with sleep and anxiety, two things I tend to suffer from.  I think a weighted blanket is going to be a must for me, but I do have a concern with the whole dry cleaning thing.  I’m not into sleeping with something that has been dry-cleaned, so I’m leaning toward the Pine & River Ultra Plush Weighted Blanket because it is machine washable.  That’s the only way I’d go.

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